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Karori Historical Society's "The Stockade"

Guide booklets

Wellington Gilbert & Sullivan Society and others

Mrs Wards Cook Books


Wairarapa Churches

1933 picnic at Otari-Wiltons Bush

Eastbourne Croquet Club

Miscellaneous sports. Northern Wairarapa

Tawa Railway Station. Renovated and reopened 20th May 2013

2011 Heritage Month Launch

2012 Heritage Month Launch

2013 Heritage Month Launch

2014 Heritage Month Launch

The first nurse to be registered in the world

Their 50th Jubilee booklet 1933-1983

Carterton Railway Station

Greytown Railway Station

Haymaking in the Wairarapa

It is the wish of every author that their books be widely read and not stored unopened on a shelf somewhere.
Which is why we include these items in our Library and Archives to give them an opportunity to be read by people interested in heritage.
All of the items are now out of print.   Some of the items are available in libraries. Most have little commercial value.
Most will be subject to copyright. If you hold the copyright and do not wish it to be included here, please contact us and we will willingly remove it.
We do not maintains lists of titles or websites.